Saturday, 30 July 2016

Preserves and Empty Jars

Once upon a time, my grandparents would say 'Waste not, Want not'.
'What on earth do you mean?' I would think to myself........ :-)

People who preserve their excess from their bountiful food gardens in Australia's 1/4 acre blocks, have great need for empty glass jars, empty bottles and containers.

So all of my empty bottles get saved to go to Food Swaps, where those who need them for preserving are able to take them home.  In return, they bring some of their preserves to the swap, which I take home to feed my hungry son (remember, he eats enough for 4 people).

Empty glass jars come from coffee, feta cheese, vegemite, salsa (tomato sauce), drink bottles etc etc. Folks use these many variations to bottle jam, chutney, marmalade, lemon butter, pasta sauces (sugo), olives, sauerkraut and any vegetable del'olio.

'Money for jam' - 'Bottles for jam' :-)

Plastic drink bottles are used by worm farmers to store and share their prized black liquid gold - worm wee :-) Don't waste your empty bottles, take them to a food swap where worm farmers will take them home to use.

Worm wee is a great fertiliser for any plant and is coveted by any good gardener.
These bottles can also be repurposed as a mini greenhouse.

Empty milk bottles can come to the same use.  They can also be cut open and used as herb pots or seedling containers.  Take your pick of these images.

What great abundance - taking empty containers to a food swap, and coming home with fruit, vegetables, preserves, and fertiliser.

So I guess Gran was right!

If you Waste Nothing, you will Want for Nothing!

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