Saturday, 2 July 2016

When life gives you lemons.......

...... make lemon water, lemon tarts, lemon chicken, and lemon basted fish :-)

Lemonade is just lolly water - and costs!  If you have access to a lemon tree, then lemon water is such a healthy, vital way to provide drinks for the hungry man/child :-)

The journey with my lemon tree has been long and arduous.  A dwarf Meyer purchased just before the 7 year long drought starting in around 2005, 2006 ish.  Kept in a large pot, the poor tree withered and became completely bare - not even any leaves!  I thought it was dead, but vowed to keep it one more year - just in case.

My patience was worth it!  By 2012 it was flourishing again and producing a bounty of yellow, juicy Vitamin C packed citrus.  The juice provides daily lemon water, ensuring that colds and flu are kept to a minimum (pharmacy savings there) and providing a healthy drink.  Gone are the sugary soda drinks, and with that savings to the weekly budget.  Pictured here with a drop of mint!

Baked dishes with lemons and herbs are just delicious - organic home grown food - nothing like it! Pictured here is lemon baked fish - lemon chicken is just as delicious (put the whole rind inside the bird).

Lemons are particularly popular at food swaps!  

One gardener’s glut is another gardener’s lunch!  I usually swap my Lemons for Greens!

Beyond the food is the cleaning.  In picking up a stylish trigger for only $2, and filing with white vinegar and lemon juice is a great surface cleaner.  More weekly savings!  You can Google the recipes for various natural cleaners.  While I personally haven't gone completely natural with cleaners, this surface cleaner is a great saver :-)

Any savings are just fantastic!  Four years on and not only have I fed a teenager that can eat for 4 adult males, but have a deposit for a home loan.

Don't feed your children sugar sodas - invest in a little lemon and watch it grow.

My Little Trowel

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  1. great ideas for the use of lemons

    Great ideas for the use of lemons; thanks Cath.