Friday, 16 September 2016

Home STREAT Home - 'Crowd Farming' Day

What a great day!  Our first gig, was a hit!
The 'Crowd Farming' event at STREAT - 66 Cromwell Street, Collingwood was fantastic!

We concentrated our efforts on creating a herb garden so that the Chefs can have ready access.
We had a tour of the facility, which now includes a bakery and a coffee roastery.  The spent coffee will eventually be used to grow oyster mushrooms on a commercial scale.  
There is a row of bay trees along the fence, and a beautiful olive near the water tank.

Thanks for Sebastian from Diggers Gardens who came with 3 Pear trees, Jerusalem Artichokes, Pineapple Lily, Lemon time and chard. 

 Thanks to Liz who turned up at exactly the right time with compost.

We potted up all the donated herbs from, Zofia, Marylin, Lyndle, Burwood Food Swappers and a lot from Ashwood Food Swappers. The herbs are all in, and the chefs are thrilled as they will go straight into the menu. 

Big shout out to Bec the CEO of STREAT for her generosity in sharing her vision, the chefs and teams who made us all feel welcome, and the delicious lunch supplied! 
 Bec coined the phrase 'Tiny Trowel'  - I like it!!

We all look forward to your Grand opening today-  Saturday September 17th. STREAT, a social enterprise empowering and educating Melbourne's young homeless. 

The place is now open so head down there an order off the menu!  #HomeSTREAThome#socialenterprise #66CromwellStreet

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  1. So inspiring Cath.
    I'll come and visit when I am not working on the weekend.