Friday, 28 October 2016

TT October ENews

The Journey
In order to map out a way to bring my bubbling ideas around community projects, I enrolled in the City of Melbourne supported ‘Local Food Launchpad’ project with Doing Something Good.  While in August, I had all these ideas around gardening projects to empower people, I really needed to look into how to frame the ideas.  I had all these questions about whether my ideas were feasible – and huge questions about how a financial model in the NFP space works.  So I enrolled in this program to get some support. 

A feasibility study and ideas incubator was supported through the LFP.  With the  help of the team, I was able to frame the Vision, Mission and Aims of TT (published in the right hand side column)  – along with finding the research to justify the need for these community programs.

The team at Doing Something Good, supported each participant with a web page outlining the story.  You can find mine here:
We all participated in a PITCH NIGHT! How scary!!!
Doing Something Good supported all the preparations, along with the CoM and we all presented a two-minute pitch to a room full of people at ARTPLAY.  You can view the footage here:

Crowd Harvest - Southbank

Greg Mason, and Jill Post from City of Melbourne are supporting a Summer Crowd Harvest in Southbank.  I am in negotiations with their people, and hope to announce a date over the coming weeks.

I still have questions, and hope to find a mentor who will guide me through the NFP space, and navigate through sponsorship and grants processes.  Until then, the planned events and discussions are a giving of my charitable time.  Please get in touch if you have experience in these areas J.

Crowd Share – Cup Day
Cup Day - Tuesday Nov 1st.

A few sole parents will be gathering for a picnic on Cup Day at the Winton Rd Food Forest. If you would like to share some of your excess harvest to give them a hand, please pop past and leave on the picnic table for distribution.
I will bring a few herbs, fruit and seedlings to share :-)
Information about food swaps in Melbourne will be available to everyone who attends the picnic.

ASHBURTON - 1.00 pm
Winton Road Food Forest
38 Winton Rd, (opposite Pitt Street, and near the pedestrian crossing on Winton Rd) - BEST TO PARK IN PITT STREET!
Map:,145.070383,16zThere is a train line nearby, as well as the M1.
There is a picnic table, shelter and a small playground.
As the name describes, locals have planted trees, herbs and shrubs that are edible :-)
"Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share"

Crowd Harvest - Epping
Sunday November 27th, 10 am – 2 pm.
Liberty Church; 25 Miller Street, Epping.

Individual excess = Community abundance
Anyone growing food in their own backyard inevitably produces excess - more than one family can consume. Whether you just grow herbs, apply permaculture principles to urban farming or have an abundant Mediterranean food garden - there is always excess!

Melbourne food relief providers are currently met with higher demand for emergency assistance than they can cope with. People are presenting for food relief at higher rates than in the past due to financial stress, homelessness or domestic violence. Some families that present are living in their cars because they have nowhere else to go.
Perhaps if every individual contributes a little of their excess, food relief providers will have enough for everyone facing a crisis....???...

FareShare provide 5,000 meals a day to people seeking assistance, yet they need to produce more. Liberty Church also provides a food relief service to Epping. With everyone contributing a little, the whole community will have abundance :-)
If you would like to help, please bring any contribution to the FareShare refrigerated van to Liberty Church, 25 Miller St, Epping on Sunday November 27th between 10 am and 2pm.

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