Monday, 19 December 2016

TT December ENews

Crowd Harvest - Epping
Sunday November 27th, 10 am – 2 pm.
Liberty Church; 25 Miller Street, Epping.

So wonderful to see so many people bringing boxes of fruit and vegetables to Liberty Church at their Crowd Harvest!!  The church ran a family fun day at the same time, which really drew in a crowd.  Although the weather was not the best, the warmth of the people more than mad up for it.  Ps. Bob and Toni Taranto run Liberty church and made everybody feel so very welcome!  FareShare brought in their refrigerated truck – and they went away with a half full truck.  FareShare provide 5,000 meals a day to people seeking assistance, yet they need to produce more. Liberty Church also provides a food relief service to Epping.                      

Some photos from the event:


Crowd Harvest – Seed Banks for Christmas

Currently running – the Seedbanks are receiving many gifts of seeds from all around the country.  All the recipients are soooooo grateful to the folks sending seeds through – just look at the smiles on their faces.  It is not too late to get on board.  There is still a week till Christmas and the packages have been arriving within 24 hours.  Get on board and join in the joy of giving!

Asylum Seekers receiving seeds!  Soooo happy!

NFPs supporting, enabling and empowering those in need to adopt self sustaining food gardening practices are looking to establish Seed Banks. By a central body establishing a seed bank, people facing difficult circumstances can access the seeds and establish food gardens.
Gardeners everywhere harvest more seeds than can be stored, and need to be used before they expire. In this Crowd Harvest, Australian gardeners with excess seeds are invited to send them in a Christmas card or holiday card to one or more NFPs from the list below :-)
Each of the NFPs listed below has a certified horticulturalist employed, and ready to look after the seeds, either to start the seeds, store the seeds or distribute to others facing crisis yet know how to start seeds :-) You can be assured the seeds will be looked after.
Variety is welcome!

DIVRS & Darebin Fruit Squad
Urban Food Program
285 High Street
Preston 3072 

C/O The Craig Family Centre
7 Samarinda Avenue
Ashburton 3147 

Tastes Good. Does Good.
66 Cromwell Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066 
STREAT is a social enterprise designed to assist homeless youth in Melbourne.

c/o Tiny Trowel
P.O. Box 4076
Box Hill South 3128
Twitter: @Tiny_Trowel

If you would like to run a ‘Crowd’ event, please get in touch!


Ashwood Food Forest – Home Harvest Swap/Share
Plans are underway to start a ‘Food Swap’ at the Ashwood Food Forest in Winton Rd Ashburton.
More information will be forthcoming in the January Bulletin.

The Neighbourhood Project – Wicking Bed installations.  More news to come soon.

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