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Crowd Harvest – Seed Banks for Christmas

Wow!! What a fantastic response!  Thousands of seeds came in from all over the State J.   On hearing the Queen’s Christmas speech, it really does apply to the efforts here – A quote: 'Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love’. Mother Teresa 'The cumulative impact of thousands of small acts of goodness can be bigger than we imagine'. Queen Elizabeth II - Christmas 2016.  Thank you to the people who have sent small packets of seeds to those in need, as the cumulative effect is that there are thousands of seeds now in the hands of those in most need, and as heirlooms will feed folks for many years to come! Here are a few more photos building on those that were published in December.
A Large gift from Christine to the ASRC Food Bank.....thank you!

A generous hand crafted gift from Barbies backyard! 

  A huge gift from Diggers to the Preston DIVRS.

NFPs supporting, enabling and empowering those in need to adopt self sustaining food gardening practices are looking to establish Seed Banks. By a central body establishing a seed bank, people facing difficult circumstances can access the seeds and establish food gardens.  Crowd Harvest - Seed Banks has been a great success due to the many generous people who have provided a small gift. 100 small gifts becomes thousands of seeds. Such efforts can happen all year round, and can happen for any NFP with a horticulturalist around. TT will run the campaign again next Christmas, so please save your excess seeds all year round ready for next year! If you feel inclined, you can just post the seeds as you collect at any time. Should you want to approach a local NFP and make them a part of this campaign, please make calls, and then TT can list them for 2017!  Thanks everyone!

DIVRS & Darebin Fruit Squad
Urban Food Program
285 High Street
Preston 3072 

C/O The Craig Family Centre
7 Samarinda Avenue
Ashburton 3147 

Tastes Good. Does Good.
66 Cromwell Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066 
STREAT is a social enterprise designed to assist homeless youth in Melbourne.

c/o Tiny Trowel
P.O. Box 4076
Box Hill South 3128

Crowd Harvest – Herbs for the Holidays

Many home gardeners find their herb plants outgrow their pots/land in the summer time and usually split the plant to share with their family and friends.
What if the split plants went towards Food bank outlets?
What if lots of gardeners each brought 1 or 2 herb plants each to distribute to food bank 'clients'?  Each of the Food Bank 'clients' would then have an ongoing self-sustaining way of enhancing their own nourishment.
Sophie from Gardening Australia shows how it is done in this engaging video:

Perhaps you could phone or email your local food relief outlet and see if they would be open to receiving such donations. TT would be happy to list the address and let folks know of the campaign.

Greening The Mall – JAN 21


Greening the Mall is a project run by Whitehorse Council. Wicking bed installations with edibles is a major feature. Dan Ong is a major community organiser and contact for this one - so a big shout out to Dan!   The event starts at 10 am so please get involved and share widely!  Moonlight Cinema with local entertainment will follow to celebrate the day’s efforts.  Join the community for a movie night under the stars, plus a showcase of local musical talent.

21 January @ 6 pm.  Lawn of Box Hill Town Hall, 1022 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill VIC 3128.

More Details: Adding beds to this currently underused space will help promote local community and spread awareness of ways to grow and share local food.

Greening The Mall represents a worthy goal for advocates of urban food growing. Box Hill is one of the leading areas of urban development in Melbourne. Apart from beautification, the project is an opportunity to demonstrate the practicality and benefit of green urban space that helps to bridge the disconnection between people and their food sources.

This is to be the first such project in Box Hill, with similar initiatives to be rolled out in local community centres – including verge plantings! Definitely looking forward to that!!

Tasks for the day:
Building 6 wicking beds
Planting them out!
Basking in the awesomeness of the wicking beds

How to make a wicking bed
Companion Planting

Things to bring:
Sunscreen and a hat (you’ve gotta be sun-smart!)
Gardening gloves
Shovels and wheelbarrows for bonus points

Being Box Hill, there is a crazy amount of public transport that can deliver you within 50metres of the site of the blitz. Parking is also available.

To get in on the action just fill in the form here:

This event is also supported by:
The Neighbourhood Project Box Hill
Very Edible Gardens - Wicking Beds
Local Harvest
Whitehorse Urban Harvest
Local Food Connect
3000 Acres
Fare Share
Cultivating Community
Youth Food Movement Australia
Leaf, Root and Fruit
Tiny Trowel
Neighbourhood Houses
Permaculture Victoria

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