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Crowd Harvest: Tomatoes for Easter

We saw small contributions come forward to the NFPs involved for Easter.  Yes!  And.......The concept is catching on :-)  Folks independently contributed to their locals - so we heard that CERES sent 16 boxes of saucing tomatoes to Lentil As Anything!! AWESOME!!
So a big shout out to everyone involved in giving and recieving this Easter!

Tiny Trowellers FB Group
Crowd Autumn Harvest: Mother's Day
Individual excess = Community abundance

Mother's want to feed their children :-)
Refugees from across the world have landed in Melbourne - many are mothers wanting to feed their children. Women who have run from DV are also wanting to feed their children.
Anyone growing produce in their own backyard inevitably produces excess - more than one family can consume. Autumn brings a bounty and gardeners are overwhelmed with produce! Why not take some down to your local Food Relief provider and make Mother's Day wonderful this May :-)

Autumn yields: Apples, Artichokes, Bananas, Beets, Capsicum, Chard, Chestnuts, Chilli, Figs, Grapes, Hazelnuts, Herbs, Kiwi Fruit, Lemons, Medlars, Melons, Nasturtiums, Olives, Peaches, Pears, Nashi Pears, Persimmons, Pomegranates, Plums, Pumpkin, Quinces and Spinach.

DIVRS & Darebin Fruit Squad
Urban Food Program
285 High Street
Preston 3072
Monday to Friday
9.30am - 3.00pm 
         ASRC Foodbank
         Level 1,
         214 - 218 Nicholson
         Footscray VIC 3011
         Monday to Friday
         10.00 am - 5.00 pm.
         Food seeds welcomed!

           ASRC Dandenong
           179 Lonsdale St,        St,
           Monday to Thursday
           10am – 3pm.
The Italian newspaper Il Globo carried the news of Crowd Harvest: Tomatoes for Easter.  With a National readership, the journalists were very interested in the concepts and hope to carry news of future events. Salute!
Tune in tomorrow (Monday May 1st) at around 6.00 pm to hear
Tiny Trowel's progress 😍  Opa!
An online portal @ Melbourne Water is available where folks wanting to develop community projects, like food growing, can apply for vacant land.
Rev Marcus at Newmarket Baptist church is all about growing food in communities. Connecting with the Farnham St Neighbourhood House, there is a food forest and raised bed system all harvested to run cooking lessons in the House. The front of the church welcomes you in with Apple trees and wicking beds! Now that's the way to build food resilience!
The Neighbourhood Project collectively met at the Fitzroy Town Hall this week to review and celebrate the three municipality projects.  CoDesign hosted the productive day: Many local councils were represented, all looking for ways to support more 'PlaceMaking' in consultation with local communities.  The Box Hill wicking food gardens have been relocated to Neighbourhood houses, and discussions are occurring around running food swaps at those sites.
Barnardos have put together a short video highlighting the data around reasons children and young people become homeless.  This group experience acute food security issues.  All contributions to established NFPs are deeply appreciated.
Tiny Trowelers donated to the 3000acres food wicking beds  installation in Footscray.  Thank you!!
Remember, Tiny Trowelers, when we all went and installed the start of a food garden at STREAT, and sent more seeds for Crowd Harvest: Seeds for Christmas - LOOK AT THE RESULTSSSSSSS!!!!  Here we see Chef Keiko picking snow peas for their udon noodle dish.  Yes! Bless and Opa!!!! xxx Love to all 


Sustain have launched an online map showing  all the Food swaps, community gardens, Grow Free Carts in the whole nation! So easy to register, and put your place on the map!
Ace! Sign up now and be a part of the National conversation.
Sustain, with the support of the Myer Foundation, has created the Australian Food System Directory as a free resource for everyone who's active in building sustainable, healthy and fair food systems in Australia. We want to make this space more visible, celebrate all the amazing people and organisations around the country doing great work, help people connect with each other, and support the movement as a whole to flourish and become an unstoppable force for big changes. So if you know of a community, verge or school garden, a community kitchen, a great event, an exciting project, a community organisation, some great research or a book or article, register as a user on the Food Systems Directory at and let the whole country know about it!

Food gardeners! A University of Melbourne study is looking mapping aspects of urban food growing spaces. If you have the time, and are willing - please fill in the survey:

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