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Crowd Harvest: Tomatoes for Easter              NOW ON!!!

Individual excess = Community abundance
Anyone growing tomatoes in their own backyard inevitably produces excess - more than one family can consume. At the end of summertime, gardeners are overwhelmed with tomatoes!
Melbourne food relief providers are currently met with higher demand for emergency assistance than they can manage.
If you would like to help, please take any excess home grown tomatoes to one of the following NFPs at the listed opening times.  From the CBD to Epping, from Footscray to Rowville, there will be a place near you ready to receive your excess tomatoes. The NFPs will either distribute fresh or preserve the tomatoes as Passata, Chutney, Sundried or Dell'Olio, and then distribute through their food relief programs.
Please help share the news by forwarding this email to a friend, or pressing 'like' and 'sharing' on Facebook:
A Facebook Group "Tiny Trowellers" has been created. Please join the conversation at:

DIVRS & Darebin Fruit Squad
Urban Food Program
285 High Street
Preston 3072
Monday to Friday
9.30am - 3.00pm 
Liberty Church
25 Miller St,
Epping VIC 3076
Fridays 9.30 - 12.00 Noon
ASRC Foodbank
Level 1,
214 - 218 Nicholson St
Footscray VIC 3011
Monday to Friday
10.00 am - 5.00 pm.
ASRC are happy to accept most home grown produce.
Food seeds are welcomed!

ASRC Dandenong
179 Lonsdale Street,
Dandenong VIC 3175.
Monday to Thursday
10am – 3pm.
Rowville Community Kitchen
Rowville Community Centre
40 Fulham Road,
Rowville VIC 3178
Monday to Friday
10.00am - 3.00pm
Salvation Army,
Project 614
69 Bourke St,
Melbourne VIC 3000
Monday to Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm.
66 Cromwell Street,
Collingwood, VIC 3066
Monday to Sunday
8.00am - 3.00pm
The Green Cafe
5 St. Columbs Street
Hawthorn VIC 3122
Monday to Sunday
8.00am - 3.00pm.
Tiny Trowellers FB Group
Know any Italians with an abundance of Tomatoes?  Talking Italian here - Spread the word to your Italian speaking friends and let them know how they can be involved.
Il Globo will publish an article on Crowd Harvest: Tomatoes for Easter - so look out for it during the first week of April.
The Darebin Fruit Squad launched an EBook during the Sustainable Living Festival.  The EBook explains how to start a Fruit Squad in your Melbourne municipality:
Any group of volunteers can discuss partnering with a food relief NFP and their local council to apply this approach.  Saving excess food in home back yards, and pushing through to people in real need is a great way of redirecting food from waste.  The approach is a win/win/win for all involved.  Home owners may have a bounty in the back yards, but find that age or infirmity means they can no longer look after their crop.  Volunteers want to contribute to society.  Food relief agencies express they can't always get fresh fruit and vegetables.  People in Melbourne are facing food security issues.  With a Fruit Squad - EVERYBODY WINS!!  Community is created, and everyone is helped with their individual need.  Get a hold of the folks at DIVRS, download the EBook, and get your local council on board.  Fruit Squads would thrive in Melbourne. With the waves of immigration over 100 years, there are orchids from every continent in Melbourne's back yards just waiting to be harvested.  Melbourne - we can do this!  It's just up to you!
Two Major Crowd Farming projects on the horizon:
Crowd Farming for DHS: Properties for sole parents
Crowd Farming for the Homeless: 57 Units to house women in Footscray
Tiny Trowel attended the Sustainable Living Festival great local lunch.  I met my hero Costa!!
A Crowd Sourced share lunch, attendees took a home harvest to an agreed drop off point prior to the event, and then share in a Crowd Feast at the Sustainable Living Festival.  I am thrilled to have met Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia :-)  He loved the idea of using social media to encourage anyone with excess to donate to an NFP.  Costa took the TT business card and looks forward to getting more involved in the near future.
Build Day at a Footscray Community Garden
Ashburton Home Harvest Swap/Share
Perfect weather, abundant produce, and garden tours...the inaugural Ashburton Home Harvest Swap/Share was a terrific success! So many people came with an abundance of produce, seeds, plants, seedlings and bread! We were enchanted by the Babacos, fascinated by figs, and priming with preserves! It was a marvellous event - Thank you everyone!!
Winton Road Food Forest,  38 Winton Rd  Ashburton 3147
Date: Sat April 22
Time: 9.00 am - 10.00 am
Located near the Malvern East RSL, diagonally opposite. Park in Pitt St.
Bring your homegrown produce, plants, preserves, seeds, seedlings, garden hardware, empty jars for preserves, etc. to share with other local food gardeners at our first Home Harvest Food swap/share-meet at the Food Forest in Ashburton.
The Neighbourhood Project
Wicking beds were installed in Box Hill Central in January.
Food Garden now flourishing!

Free Edible Garden Workshop Series

Saturday 1 April 2017 to Saturday 8 April 2017
EcoCity Storytelling was staged on Feb 21, where Tiny Trowel was on the bill!  
A fabulous night where many people stepped forward wanting to be involved with Tiny Trowel.
The event was run in the style of Pecha Kucha, where storytellers speak to 20 slides, each for 20 seconds. This fast paced event was educational, inspirational and hilarious to attend!
Any online publication will come forward when available.

DATE AND TIME: Tue 21 Feb 2017 @ 5:30 – 8:00 pm

VENUE: Library at The Dock, 107 Victoria Harbour, Docklands
Anyone can grow food in their own backyard for those less fortunate.  Here is Paul, growing food for refugees.  A humanitarian crisis unfolds in the middle east daily - at a scale not seen since WW2.  As Melbourne opens the doors to refugees who have been bombed out of their homes, the city faces the task of supplying food.  Anyone can set aside a patch to cultivate food for those who have lost everything.  Many in Melbourne have immediate family who survived WW2 and still tell the stories today.  Our elders built food gardens for themselves and others to survive the famine that followed.  We now need to get out the trowels again, and help in this time of need.
If you have the capacity to grow food for those in need, please consider doing so.
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